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Corliss & Solomon’s New Milestone: B Corp Certification

Corliss & Solomon } Certified B Corp

Breaking news—we at Corliss & Solomon have earned the prestigious B Corp Certification! This significant milestone positions us among a select group of CPA firms committed to redefining business success and demonstrates our dedication to transparency, accountability, and social and environmental issues. CPA firms are known for focusing on numbers and regulations, often operating behind … More

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The Importance of Being a Good Board Member

Those who serve in the nonprofit sector often share a common goal of positively impacting their local and global communities. However, you may not realize how important it is to have a board that reflects your vision by compounding diverse skillsets and expertise, and that is filled with members inherently dedicated to regular participation in … More

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We’ve Got a New Look!

We’ve got a new look! After several years with a canned product, that while we liked and met our needs, never really quite captured who we are. We came to the conclusion this year that our look needed to change. But where to start? Looking around town, there so many talented artists that have done … More