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The Importance of Being a Good Board Member

Those who serve in the nonprofit sector often share a common goal of positively impacting their local and global communities. However, you may not realize how important it is to have a board that reflects your vision by compounding diverse skillsets and expertise, and that is filled with members inherently dedicated to regular participation in the betterment of your association. The long-term success of nearly every nonprofit falls heavily on the shoulders of its board members – these are the people who will spend significant time addressing detailed issues facing your association in order to create a framework for how your nonprofit will receive, evaluate, and process challenges in the months and years to come.

What Does a Great Board Look Like?

While the specific makeup of your nonprofit’s board will vary according to your discipline, vision, and unique mission, there are some consistent values that help create an all-star nonprofit board that is geared towards priming your association for success, including:

  • Regular and consistent meeting times. Meeting regularly to discuss the pertinent issues and challenges facing your nonprofit will ultimately generate long-term success. Canceling or rescheduling a meeting here or there is fine, but it’s a slippery slope when members can no longer rely on scheduling consistency.
  • Avoiding the pitfall of turning board meetings into social hours. While we all love to hear about your latest family vacation or share photos of our kids, this is best left out of the boardroom. Time is precious, so it’s crucial to stick to the important matters at hand during your set meeting time (and maybe schedule a happy hour for afterward).
  • Ensure that your board members offer diversity in skill sets and backgrounds. The importance of this value cannot be stressed enough. Your association will thrive when knowledge-sharing abounds. People with different life experiences can bring much-needed perspective and spark thoughtful debates. Not to mention the direct benefits of having diverse skill sets available, such as financial, legal, humanitarian, and beyond.

Taking Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Board

Like all important transitions in life, shifting your board from good to great will not happen overnight. It takes perseverance, patience, and the ability to see beyond the here and now. Even if you already have a stellar board, maintaining all of its positive aspects takes persistence and a great deal of accountability.

Perhaps you have board members who are impeding the success of your association. At times, self-reflection and difficult decisions are the only answer. However, the most difficult decisions often produce the most innovative and rewarding results. Take the challenging steps necessary today to better your nonprofit’s board tomorrow and in the years to come!

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